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12 Cats Vs Pickles from Series 1
Snowcat and Aloha Cat on light blue
Tat Cat and Blank Page cats on red
Cheesburger Cat and Sno-Cone cats on pink
Festicat and Water-Meow-lon cats on purple
The Great Catsby and Puzzle Cat on yellow
Super Cat and Joe Pickle on green
12 Cats Vs Pickles in a movie theater
back view of Cats Vs Pickles
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Cats Vs Pickles: 12-Pack Assortment 2

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Cats Vs Pickles 12 Pack Assortment 2 featuring Watr-Meow-lon, Snowcat, Puzzle Cat, Blank Page, Aloha Cat, Tat Cat, Cheeseburger Cat, Sno-Cone, Festicat, Super Cat, The Great Catsby & Pickle Joe

Cats Vs Pickles are made with love and all new material,
Cotton, Plastic PP, POM beads, Polyester fiber batting.
Both Cats & Pickles are approximately 4 inches tall and 3 inches wide.
All Cats Vs Pickles are latex free. Recommended for ages 4yr and up.