Founded in 2002 by James Russell Hornsby, Cepia LLC is a privately held
company headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The company launched
with a team of talented professionals from the kids business, who create
wonderful, fun, imaginative play experiences for kids.

When Cepia introduced Zhu Zhu Pets® in 2009, the brand exploded. With
seven Toy of the Year Awards from across the globe and listed in Time Magazine's
"All-TIME 100 Greatest Toys," Zhu Zhu Pets helped launch Cepia as a
mainstay in toy the industry. Each year the toy industry eagerly anticipates
Cepia’s ideation.

Cepia sells directly to Walmart, Target, Amazon, and other significant U.S. retailers
while supporting its brands with compelling state of the art advertising,
marketing and content to engage kids and drive significant sales. Internationally
the company uses a network of allies to insure our lines secure the
best shelfspace around the world.