Cats vs Pickles is a new brand of collectibles based on the social media
phenomenon of videos featuring cats and their hysterical reactions to pickles.
Cats are scared of pickles yet pickles just love cats! There are tons of silly, soft
bean-filled plushie cats of every variety! Foodie cats, sweet cats, scary cats, fishy
cats, cats with glasses, and cats with class! Even cats for school and rare pickles, too! 
Each plushie has a "heart hug" printed on the back
- so you know is an authentic Cats Vs Pickles plushie! 

Cats vs Pickles also launched social channels featuring short-form animated and live-action
content, and a free game, where crazy cats will hurl just about anything to wipe out
the pickle below! In this hyper-casual game, players will level up to defeat the
mischievous cats and play over 100 levels for hours of fun. The app is available
now for free download for both iOS and Android.