Dogs vs Squirls CHONKS: Chewy
Dogs vs Squirls CHONKS: Chewy
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Dogs vs Squirls CHONKS: Chewy

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Chonks: - Perfect for desk pets, study buddies, fidget toys, etc.

Dogs vs Squirls Chonks are 6 inches tall and have a weighted bottom. Chonks are super-soft, bean-filled plushies that feel so great to hold, you won’t want to put them down! Collect them all!

Chewy: Attack mode: Electrical specialist who loves to rewire homes.

Dogs vs Squirls are made with love and all new material,
Plastic PP, POM beads, Polyester fiber batting.
CHONKS Dogs vs Squirls are approximately 6 inches tall and 4 inches wide.
All Dogs vs Squirls are latex free. Recommended for ages 4+